blues and greens ethereal water lily scene

Along the Way Acrylic Monoprint Original work of Art

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Vibrant, Original Water Lily Artwork to refresh your home

It is a beautiful summer afternoon and you are lazily making your way across the park when you stumble across these waterlillies - as they undulate lazily on the surface of this happy pond, tickled by the the shadows of the birds flying overhead, you are reminded to stop and breathe it all in - Along the Way. 

The energy of water and gold and flowers will transform your space!

 If you’re feeling a little bit stuck and you want some thing really beautiful to bring you back UP while you’re working - treat yourself to this beautiful piece, and install it where you work! 

Acrylic, Gouache, ink. Archival watercolour paper. 5x7 inches 

***I highly recommend adding an elegant, dramatic 9x12 custom white mat to your order (opening custom cut for this 5x7 piece (you won't find a better deal on a mat and it will make is SO easy to frame your new piece!)