The Creative Genius Podcast - Episode 11 - Beth Suter: Working with Moon Cycles to align with Creative Energy

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Show Notes The Creative Genius Podcast - Episode 11 - Beth Suter: Working with Moon Cycles to align with Creative Energy -  (Subscribe & Listen here

Artist and Moon Cycle Coach Beth Suter shares with us how reconnecting with creativity and working with Moon Cycles have been instrumental for her in healing the depression and anxiety she has lived with since college. This conversation underlines just how badly things can go when we cut ourselves off from creativity, and how partnering with creativity, we can find our way back to ourselves. 

She shares with us how she guides students through her 5 step method for aligning and harnessing the power of working with moon cycles and offers us some practical suggestions for getting started with this work. 

Beth Suter has been an artist since she was a little girl. Believing that she needed to be in a stable job she veered away from her deep connection with creativity to focus on a career in teaching. This disconnection from the thing she loved the most, as she bravely shares with us, led to a long and dark time of depression and anxiety for her. 

Beth shares with us how she was eventually able to reconnect with creativity, and now runs her own art based business selling her (beautiful) work including her much sought after and very beautiful moon cycle calendar. 

This was a conversation I was very excited to have. Beth is a gentle, generous, thoughtful, tender hearted soul. I was introduced to her by Pamela Bates who you might remember from episode 7 which was a powerhouse episode if you haven't listened to that yet, be sure not to miss that one. 

We discuss learning to follow our intuition, the magic of working with the Moon Cycles and how they have built in times of rest for us to relax into.


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Beth Suter 0:02
I grew up in a very Catholic conservative home. And some of those principles did not feel good to me. I respect all, you know, the religions and belief systems, but for some things for me, like the idea that I had to go confess my sins, and I'm never good enough like that just didn't hit me. And so through this journey, I start reading about Buddhism. And I love the idea that we are born. We are born pure, and we are born beautiful and joyful, and there's really nothing wrong with us.

Kate Shepherd 0:43
Today's conversation is with Beth Souter, a watercolor artist and moon cycle coach. I was introduced to Beth through Pamela Bates, who you might remember from Episode Seven, which by the way, it was a powerhouse episode. So if you haven't listened to that one do go back and make time for that. Beth has been an artist since she was a little girl. Believing that she needed to be in a stable job, she veered away from her deep connection with creativity and art, to focus on a career in teaching. This disconnection from the thing she loved the most, that she bravely shares with us, led to a long and dark time of depression and anxiety for her. Beth shares with us how she was eventually able to reconnect with creativity, and now runs her own art based business selling her beautiful work, including her much sought after and very beautiful moon cycle calendar. Working with moon cycles was one of the things that had a profound impact on Beth ceiling. So much so that she ended up becoming a moon cycle coach and now guides her own students through the five step method she created for aligning and harnessing the power of working with moon cycles. It's truly fascinating stuff. And I really appreciated how Beth gave us some practical starting points. To get involved in working with the moon in this way. I want to take a moment to tell you something you may not know about me in this podcast. I don't have a marketing budget, or a big team of people helping me produce it. It's all me. And it's all a gift from my heart to yours. You are my team. I feel so passionately about bringing these conversations into the mainstream, so that we can start to heal these limiting beliefs we have about creativity that I believe are what's behind humanity. glitching. So today, will you please share this podcast with a couple of your friends, you can send them an email or a text right now as you're listening. And then this one is really important. Hop over to Apple podcasts and write a review and leave some stars. I know those things may seem small, and maybe you think you'll do them later. But they're so important. And they're so helpful for helping us reach so many more ears and so many more hearts with these conversations. The conversation you're about to hear blossomed into a beautiful friendship between Beth and I. And I'm delighted today to introduce you to her. I hope you have as many aha moments as I did as you listen to this today.

Beth Hello. I'm so happy you're here I am.

Beth Suter 3:20
I've been waiting for this since we talked about. So I'm very pleased to be here. Thank you.

Kate Shepherd 3:25
i Yeah, it's just it already feels magic. And it hasn't even happened yet. Our friend Pamela, Pamela Bates was like, you're gonna be so jazzed. I'm like, no, no, I already am. So just very happy that you're here to talk to you about so many things. But before we get into the show, at the beginning of every episode, I like to sort of share with you although I think you understand by now my intention, but also with the listeners about what the intention of all of this creative genius work is. Didn't really comes from this. I had an aha moment one day, not too too long ago, where I realized that almost everything that's wrong with the world can be traced back to how we're glitch like the glitching that we're doing, like you know, overconsumption depression, that all the dysfunction can be traced back to these ideas that we've somehow collectively agreed to around creativity, and intuition and you know, anything that's kind of in that realm, you know, that creativity only belongs in certain places or exists in certain places, which really like art sculpt, you know, painting is kind of the main one. But that also only certain people have access to creativity. And then on top of that, that whatever the product of creativity might be, have to look a certain way. So music musician has to sound a certain way to be good and painting hustler. And all those things are just, they're just not true. And yet somehow, the vast majority of humanity is operating under this assumption that those But those beliefs and ideas are true, and they're why we're glitching. So, as soon as I saw that, like, it was just so crystal clear to me, I realized I had to just stop everything and dedicate my life. And I knew that that was what my purpose was, was to help as many people as I could remember, because it isn't even, like connect or find a new thing. It's it's more like a remembering of what already was true and is true about creativity that has been in you all along. And just how critical because the other thing I think we don't realize is, what a critical missing piece it is for us how how impeded, we are in our lives, day to day lives, you know what microwave to buy, what school to send your kids to, like, those decisions can all be informed by the intelligence that creativity can bring to you. And we've shut that part of ourselves down. And so no wonder, right? Like, No wonder we're in this mess. So yes.

Beth Suter 5:53
All about this. So I am like, I'm in your space so much. And I hear everything that you're saying. And so I am ready. I'm ready to talk about this.

Kate Shepherd 6:03
I'm so excited to talk to you particularly around Moon stuff, because for some reason to your you call yourself a moon cycle coach, you're also an amazing artists, by the way, I love your work so much. And I want to talk to you about moon cycle coach and Moon stuff, because part of the part of the reason I was so excited to talk to you was because moon stuff is something that I haven't really let myself. And I don't know why. And I want to talk about that too. I want to talk about why I haven't let myself because I'm a really like woowoo like out there like I'm like it would fit within like, so why haven't I and I think why haven't a lot of us. And so what I want to talk about that later. But before we dive into that, I was wondering if, as a way to get to know you a little bit more. Do you might tell us a little bit about what your life was like before art. And the moon sort of took over? Like what what what was what, where did how did you get here? And what was it like before?

Beth Suter 7:02
That is such a great question. And it's you know, like all of us, I think it's a windy road. But actually, I started with art. So there was life with art. And I think it's always been with me to one degree or another to say I believe creativity flows through us and has with us. Not everybody is maybe drawn into coloring and painting. But creativity calls us like the mechanic who can put together an engine like that is creativity. And so at five years old, six years old, I have this memory of like sitting at my kitchen table, my feet are swinging like I can't even touched the ground. And I am drawing Cows and dogs, like all day long. And so that's where I started. And my parents bless them really knew my love for art. And so they bought me the art supplies, they bought me the How to Draw books when I was 16. My dad made me an easel and I still have it. It's like in my art studio. And so my mom when I was in high school, let me paint this giant frog on my wall. I've no idea what that was about. But for her to just say yeah, you know, go for it. So all of that being said, I was supported in that way. And it was my own mindset that it was a hobby, it was a love of mine. I couldn't imagine I could actually like go to fine art school or make, you know, a living with it. So that kind of just I went into education. I knew I wanted to go to college that was very instilled in me as a child that you will go to college. That's your next step. And so that is kind of where I would say I had my existential crisis. We talk about midlife crisis, you know, I think mine happened at like 18. And I'm sure I'll I'm about to hit another one. No doubt, but I'm, so try to give you the CliffsNotes. But I went to college, and I decided, well, I'm going to I had really good grades, I got a full ride scholarship to the school in Colorado small school. And so it was like, Well, I guess I'll go do that. And I knew I loved like helping. And I thought, well, I'll go into teaching because I feel like I can make a difference. And so I go to college, and I get my first anxiety attack that I just didn't even know the word really anxiety, depression. It's common now. Right? Like we hear it everywhere. It was not a word in my vocabulary. I didn't know what was happening. I just remember the room spinning and calling my parents and they're like it's three in the morning and what are you doing and so then that led me down the road of feeling very depressed, which looked like stop going to class stop eating all these things that are classic things that I had no background knowledge on. So I really just I was in this whole new world, because I grew up in a very small town in Idaho, a one stoplight town, you drive your truck down the road, and people know who you are because they recognize your car, okay? And I was perfectionist, I got straight A's, I was in the clubs, I was in the sports, like I felt it was, you know, felt good. I go out into this seemingly big world of Colorado. But I'm alone. And I am for the first time like, feeling so untethered. Like, I have no place to go. And I just get consumed for years and years of like depression, and I end up, I don't go to school, I have to go back home. Right? I had, I saw doctors. And it was like self exploration for a long time. So it was a story that I have shared recently on other podcasts, the story is not going to own me anymore. So I may sound like I talk about it easily now. But I can tell you, this is a story that even like a year ago, I would not want to share that would be a compartmentalized piece of me that is very shameful for me. I don't want to come across as crazy or not with it, right? Ironically, that is the piece that has made me come to where I am. So being depressed, having, like, needing cognitive strategies of how to navigate in the world, led me down this spiritual curiosity. I grew up in a very Catholic conservative home. And some of those principles did not feel good to me.

I respect all, you know, the religions and belief systems, but for something for me, like the idea that I had to go confess my sins, and I'm never good enough, like that just didn't hit me. And so through this journey, I start reading about Buddhism. And I love the idea that we are born. We are born poor, and we are born beautiful and joyful. And there's really nothing wrong with us. Right? And so I kind of feel like I lost the started question.

Kate Shepherd 12:17
And that's okay, thank you for sharing all of that. I feel like what comes up for me, as I listened to you is that this image of a little girl who's really connected to, you know what she loves, she's free, her feet are swinging at the table, and she's painting the things that she loves. And then life kind of happens. And the conditioning comes in, and the expectations of what we're supposed to be and do. And I hear this from artists over and over again, saying, you know, I hit a wall. You know, I found myself crying on the floor of the showers at the dorm, it seems to hit in college a lot. Because I think that's kind of the point where it's like, here's now where you're you don't get to live for yourself anymore. Here, you have to go and do all this, you know, and for a sensitive soul, who actually was already deeply connected to what you were here to do that jarring kind of severing of your connection to your gift. I think it makes perfect sense that so many people in that situation fall into a depression. So I am curious, how did you find your way back to art? And how did the moon become such a big role in that story?

Beth Suter 13:19
Yeah, so, um, let's just say some of those years, like, honestly, the early 20s, they're kind of, I don't know, if suppressed or whatever. But I can't say exactly what got me out of where I was. So to go back to the question of what got me back to my artwork into the moon. It was a long journey, as I said, but and there was a point, which I think is very important for people to know, when I was about 21. Like, this is a key point. All my friends are people I know, it's like, let's go to the bars and land we can drink legally, and let's celebrate. And I literally felt just nothingness almost. And it makes me emotional, because

Kate Shepherd 14:08
I'm so glad. I did not give up at that point.

Beth Suter 14:19
And again, I've shared the story before and and the reason I want to say that is because I feel like there's so many people that are so disconnected from their gifts, and that's why they are so stacked up.

Kate Shepherd 14:32
Yeah, I mean, I think that's, that's, that's the entire intention of this. You know, you said something in your stores this morning that I wanted to bring to this conversation about this. You know, I think we all have these gifts that are in us from the very beginning. That are why we're here that are the joy that or the desire that or the pleasure of life, then they're why we're here. And because of all of these things that get layered on top experiences in life, we end up pushing that part of ourselves down, shoving it away, you know, putting it in a box, not understanding and not not having support for it. And then we end up living our lives from a place of pushing and overwhelm, and anxiety and forcing and feeling lost and not really under. And none of those things are. And this is what you said in your study, no, those things are a part of our natural state. And so, of course, the result is depression and suicide. And because that pain, I mean, to cut yourself off from that which you are, and the brightest light and the thing you're here to do, and, you know, I can't imagine a pain more a bigger pain, or, you know, I mean, losing a child or, you know, I, of course, but, but in terms of like existential like, yeah, that, you know, it's all running in the background. So, I mean, yeah, I guess, I wondered if you would share with us a little bit about how doing your artwork and, and I guess even again, I keep coming back to the moon, because it just feels like that's such a big part of your, your gift and your knowing and your intelligence and, and how working with those two things together, helped you find alignment with those things, and within yourself and sort of to, and I won't say reconnect, because you're never disconnected. But remember, yeah, the creativity and the intuition and all that stuff in use, so that it can be present and functioning. And like, how did that because obviously, you've come back to life. And here you are, and thank goodness, we didn't lose you. And that, you know, you found your way back, like, thank goodness, yeah, but so for the person who's listening to this going, Oh, I just feel I feel so disconnected. I feel, you know, how did that work for you? And how can that work for somebody?

Beth Suter 16:50
Well, the first thing that I want someone to say is, if they feel like they resonate, and that they they are disconnected, like I think that is a huge step to even recognize you're just connected. Like, just to know, maybe you don't know how to plug back in. But to recognize that is a major step. Second step to know that, though, it's not that like you said, it's not that you're not plugged in, you're just you have a block of some sort, right, because I believe creativity is our birthright, I believe creativity goes through us and around us. And it's just so joyful, and it wants to play with all of us. And it wants to come through us because we're vessels, right? Like I think of us as a prism. And creativity is sources, God is all the same. And it comes that same light goes through the prism, and we are each a glass reflecting it out. And some of us are saying, come through me and some of us, our glass has layers of smudge, and that light just can't come out. And so I think that one, just know, if you can't say that you're not creative, you are creativity, it is you and you guys need to you need to get that smudge wiped off your off your glass. And one thing I did for me that was very helpful is I wrote down like, I am an artist, and I read books from other artists like Lisa Condon. And I left I read like Big Magic, and I started feeding myself with nourishing thoughts. Because our thoughts create our reality. And our thoughts a lot of the time are not accurate. And they but they are powerful in both creating a dream life for ourselves and also in putting ourselves in a in a prison, essentially. Right?

Kate Shepherd 18:46
Yeah, it's like whatever thought is on repeat is the thing that you're gonna create. Yeah, whether it's because you're responding to your environment with that as your filter or whatever, but like, so, I mean, I remember when that sort of dawned on me with the help of a friend, he was like, Well, you know, what is your most dominant thought? Because that's how you're seeing the world. And I was like, Oh, I can change that. I can. I can. Yeah, so I love that you brought that up. Because yeah, and I think

Beth Suter 19:09
if you're really feeling on a disconnected enough just to have an off day, but you feel like the life that you know, you came to live in the life you're living is so like, opposite of each other. I think start today by going and putting on like, your favorite song. And like, you know, just dancing to it. Or if you are creative and you want to paint, paint that thing. It doesn't have to be a massive step. Just like stop right now and say like, what sounds really good to me right now is like a cup of coffee, go to sleep. Is it a walk like, we get so like, well, once I get over here, then I will be happy and then everything's gonna happen. It's like, you've got to raise your vibration now

Kate Shepherd 19:59
and I So it's like, it's almost like the image I'm getting is like, a, I don't know why, because I'm not into weightlifting. But I saw in my mind, somebody tried to lift like one of those big heavy barbell weights. And like, right out of the gate just trying to do that. If you wouldn't, you wouldn't do that you would you'd, you'd go in, and you'd maybe work your arms a little bit with something like a 10 pound weight. And that, you know,

Beth Suter 20:21
yeah, yeah, I mean, I really feel like when we are born, like you're saying, we come into the world where, you know, kids are naturally happy and curious, and they're not really worried about what's going to happen in five minutes. They're really into whatever's happening right now. And, and then life continues to happen. And layers become upon us. And we get these rules and expectations, and then we slowly lose that most of us do. And so I think that I'm following your intuition. It's, it's a muscle. And that's what I have been doing for like a long time. And I'm continuing to do and I take notes on how can I improve my intuition? And I take evidence each day on my intuition? And like,

Kate Shepherd 21:06
what are some of the things that are coming up for you in your notes right now? Do you share those?

Beth Suter 21:10
Yeah, so my idea is, why not? And what if? So even if something sounds like that's silly, or woowoo? Well, what if it's not fun? Who cares? Let's go see what happens. So right now, I'm teaching a motorcycle class. And I want to get into that too, because the moon is like, it's everything for me now. So right now I'm teaching an alumni group. And I'm teaching a group a four week class of how to plan alongside the moon cycle. And I think part of that planning process is choosing a core value. So my core value right now is freedom. And then I write about, like, what does freedom look like to me? Well, Freedom looks like making choices on what sounds joyful. Instead of like, I have to do this because I need the money for that, or I should do this because I feel bad. And freedom looks like having so much money I can like, I mean, literally go to a woman on the street and give her $1,000 and just be like, Here you go. And, and, you know, it's nothing, you know. And so, anyhow, I was, I am really big into like spirit animals as well, or like animals, or just numbers or things that come in to us. And if we notice them, and then I like to Google and say, like, well, what is the symbolism of this, and I've had a hawk, visit me twice this week. And so I was walking with my dog. And I was going kind of on the same, we always kind of go down this path towards the river. And I had recently been listening to this idea of like, change up your life, even if it's like, take a shower in the other bathroom, something simple. So I just stopped from it. I'm like, you know, we're gonna go left instead of right. And so we went left. And I was on the phone with a good friend of mine. And this Hawk, I kind of got nervous, my dogs big, but I'm like, is that Hakuna try to come and grab him. I mean, it was it had its presence known, you know, and it sat in his tree. And I said, you know, thank you for coming. And then yesterday, I went right? We went to the river. And again, this pocket swooped over the river and landed in this tree. And I've looked up the meaning of a hawk enough to know that, like, it's asking you to zoom out and looked at the big picture, right. And that is a such a good strategy for me. So when I feel stuck, I know I'm, I'm looking too small. I'm stuck in my small little vision. And I need to stop. And I need to zoom out, zoom out. And sometimes zooming out means recognizing, like, we're a rock, and we're floating in outer space. And there's this like, solar flare thing that rises, right and sets. And we're literally like, just, yeah, we're in outer space on a rock rolling around. So when you take that into consideration, and you think about the miracle of us being alive right now. And it just is like, Oh, the fact that I can't figure out my landing page just really does.

Kate Shepherd 24:10
I love that I love I had a guest on another interview that I did yesterday. And she was talking about, because we were talking about collaboration. And I'm fascinated with his idea of collaboration between artists because as a painter, primarily a silversmith and most of my artwork is very solo kind of oriented. And so the idea of collaborating with other people is a little bit actually terrifying for me, because I don't really understand how, and she was saying, it can be a little bit more like just being influenced by something that's around you. And it's like, my whole being just went Ah, right. And actually, we're collaborating with life all the time to create this artwork that is our own life. And so it was just a really interesting because realization for me to go like, Oh, the part of me that's hesitating to collaborate is maybe But part of me that is, wants to be really independent and do it all myself, which is that sort of efforting and that forcing, and when we can allow ourselves to even just be influenced by the Hawk, and how you know, like, then we're, then we're really cooking like, then we're Yeah, collaborating with like, so I'm glad I'm really glad that you just share that.

Beth Suter 25:18
I absolutely believe that. And so like coming back to the moon, which now I own that energy and talking about it and planning alongside it so much, but I didn't tell you I did not always

Kate Shepherd 25:36
what so what's that about? Because I So yeah, this is really interesting, because like, if you were to come to my house, like I've got, I'm holding on to this, this my favorite crystal and I'm like writing incense all the time. And I'm like, I, you know, I meditate and I'm, like, I'm there. I feel like I'm pretty open to a lot of these sort of like, alternative, you know, veins of thinking, but the moon and I own a jewelry company called Morning moon, like I didn't really know. Yes, it's, it's in my life, like, but there's a part of me, like, if you were to quiz me right now and say, Okay, what are the what are the phases of the moon? I'd be like, so there's a full moon. And there's a there's a partial moon without other ones. Like I just, it's shameful. I don't even know. Oh, it's not. It's not shameful. I'm exaggerating. But But my point is, is that there's this, there's this incredible presence in our life that that has, you know, we know, historically, and through all the ancient traditions, like there aren't, there's something there. Why are we why? And I'm not asking you to tell me why I'm resisting. And I need to figure that out. But why do you think that we resist that wisdom?

Beth Suter 26:40
I think it involves a lot of intuitive trust. And I think as we have advanced in our society, and lots of amazing ways, I also think this dichotomy of the disconnect. And so I think, we don't trust that intuitive as much if we don't have the exact science in front of us. And sometimes I feel like spirituality is the head of the scientific proving of it, so to speak. Um, and I think, again, it goes along the lines that you, you have to, you really have to trust yourself. And the moon is our inner knowing, right, we have our outward Sun personality, and then the moon is everything we keep inside, like everything. And so I can't even tell you the exact time I came across this idea of there's a good time to plan with the moon, like there's a good time to launch things and there's a good time to like rest. But what I can tell you is at least about last year, around the beginning of the year, I started kind of diving into the curiosity of what is there with this right. And so I was like you I was curious about the moon. But I know a waxing moon a waning moon, I no idea. But this guide was telling me Okay, during this time of the moon phase, you should probably take action. And during this time, you probably shouldn't. And I was constantly trying to look it up and Googling and trying to remember. So it led me to creating a moon calendar last year. And part of that moon calendar was it lists out all of the phases, and it tells you like how long the phase is the energy, you should be feeling reflection questions you should be taking. And it has just evolved. And now like through creating that, as you know, when you create something and you're trying to teach it, you really have to start learning it. And now it came from just creating that, that it seems as though it's always there. So sometimes now it's hard for me to imagine not making decisions in this intuitive way. When I really consistently haven't been doing it for it's been like a year and a half. But it feels like it's always been there. And it's like you're saying it's like I feel so good because I'm just back into remembering. You know?

Kate Shepherd 29:15
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I'm curious if you tell us what and I love what you said about how spirituality is always ahead of science because and I feel like that even with my own evolution like I'll have this idea or knowing and I can't even articulate it for a good while. and it's just living in me. And I'm like, frustrated because I want to share it and I want to get edit kit, but it just has to live. And then it comes out. I feel like that's kind of like the dynamic between science and spirituality too, right? It's like we know this thing. And then eventually we can catch up with it and articulate it in like a proven way that's in form and all that. So what are the what are the things that you know? That that part that knowing part of you knows about what is available to us with working with the moon? Like, what would you say like the top three, like juicy if somebody was just like, Okay, I'm curious. I want to what's what's something I could start to do to get to know how that can serve me?

Beth Suter 30:35
So? Yeah, I think one thing for you to know is that a moon cycle is about a month long. And a New Moon is the starting of the moon cycle. And there's no doubt that where we are right now. So right now we're almost to a first quarter moon. Okay, sorry, yeah, I was just no, you're fine. So a new moon, if you want to think it like of the new year, it's a blank slate. So when you think of January, and people are like, this is the time, this is the year, I'm going to get it all done. So the new moon is no illumination. And this is a great time for you to go inward and to reflect and to dream. And this is something I teach in my classes I is called Dream journaling. And this type of dreaming is like, I'll throw out there because Dave Matthews, I want to meet him, right. So this is a type of dreaming where you close your eyes. And there's no limitation, even if it sounds ridiculous to your how ego self, this is the big dreaming. And then you bring it down into reflecting of where have I been? Where do I want to go. And so it's almost like you're gonna go on a road trip, you're not in the car, but you're mapping it out and think about where you want to go. And so this time is really time to get quiet and go inward. And then after the new moon, which is typically about a day, but the lunar energy around it is kind of three days ish, we start to gain light, and that is waxing moons. And so if you can think gaining light, gaining energy, okay, so I don't know if I told you or not, but I specifically chose a time to come on here with you during the waxing moons, because this is a great time for collaboration. This is a great time for divine downloads, this is a great time for you if you have a project that you're wanting to do to really take some action on it. So if and I, we can't go into all the details I know in this interview, but so then I teach people how to apply it to their lives, like whether their business or you know, I've had people that are retired in my class, just how can we apply it to what's going on in their life. Each Moon is like, each new moon is in a different astrological sign. And that can change. You can Google it all the time, you know, new moon in October or what? So this one we're in was in Scorpio energy, which I felt so much. So the Scorpio energy was like this dichotomy between the part of you that is the light and like the secret and the dreamer. And the side of you that says you can't do this and your resistance, right? And it's very much like, you can feel it. So people you might not recognize you're feeling it, but you are and it was asking you can you face? Can you face that darkness to increase that light? And the Scorpios they are like, I will plant my flag and I you know, I'm going to tell you what I stand for. And so it's really asking you own own you own your stuff. Right? And I'm working through all of that right now. I've really for a long time, like how do I own this conservative Catholic girl to this girl that likes tarot cards and crystals and planning alongside the moon cycle. I mean, right?

I mean, and that's okay. So going back when you get to the full moon, that's your halfway point in the cycle. It's full illumination. And this is a time for you to give gratitude for the past couple of weeks. And to let go of what's no longer serving you and you feel it like on around full moons people are very emotional, there's crying kids are kind of, you know, we've got a lot because everything in within us is trying to come out. And so this is a good time for you to get reflective again, like stand out in the moonlight. What are those big questions you have for yourself and you ask them, just get quiet, it's coming to you. Your answers are there. I've heard you say several times in the podcast that you know, you've gotten this like almost louder voice or something sometimes. And I thought about that for myself and what it is for me it's my own voice talking back to me that addresses me. It's just like, you know, just like if you're talking to yourself throughout the day, but it's soft and it says best but it's not. This booming God voice that's coming down and on that same, that's what yours is either but, and then it's just listening to that. And so if you're into crystals, this is a good time to charge them. And then after the full moon, we're starting to lose illumination again. So you're going into the waning moods, losing light, losing energy. So for about two weeks, this is maintenance mode, you should not have a packed schedule. This is not the time to squirrel and start a whole bunch of new stuff, which we like to do. Just look about your goal that you had and projects you wanted to work on this moon cycle and just keep at it. And this is a great time to take a vacation. And this is a great time to just declutter and give gratitude and what I love. This is what I love so much about the moon cycle. It's like, we need for whatever reason, it seemingly justification to rest, justification to be lazy, which I know you know what I'm saying by that. And I feel like the moon cycle is my permission slip to myself to say, I can slow down here, I can rest here. I can say no. And as I've given myself, again, more trust in making choices. With the moon phases. I build evidence, like we talked about building evidence, I've built evidence to myself. Yeah, this works. And so as I build that evidence for myself, I feel more confident in teaching it to others. And as they see that in their own life, it gives me even more confidence. And so even though I haven't been doing it consistently, really in the scheme of life a long time. It's like, it's natural. I feel so good about it. And I love it. And

Kate Shepherd 36:51
yeah, there was there was there like a really big experience that you had where you're like, oh, yeah, okay, this does work like you started maybe experimenting with it and play with it. And then like that, you talk about evidence and the, the, the harsh judge that I have in the very, you know, perked up and was like, Oh, well, if she has evidence, maybe I'll listen. So tell me, tell me what happened.

Beth Suter 37:15
Two big things. One, last year, it feels like a lifetime ago, when I wasn't doing this. Last year, I had my first because it was, you know, COVID changed all of our lives, I had, you know, canceled, all of the art shows, how am I going to sell my work, et cetera, et cetera. So I am thankful for that in the sense that I would probably still be doing a lot of art shows today if I didn't have that hard stuff.


I decided to do a release of my artwork along the moon cycle. And I called it a moon magic gratitude sale. And so I timed it to go out on the full moon and release. In that sense of like, I'm giving gratitude to you by gifting my art to the world. And I'm also saying thank you for, you know, purchasing my work. And I'm making space energetic space for new opportunity. And I made the most money I've ever made on a single like sale, if you want to say art event. Like in my pajamas at home, I didn't have to take my panels out to an art show. And I didn't have to guess on my inventory. And I was like, this is almost too easy, right? But something is here. And there was that. And so I continued along this process. And then I wholesale to a local, one of the largest grocers in the US and to a couple of stores here. And they were asking me like what was coming on for Christmas. And I thought, Oh, I'm gonna do a calendar, I'm going to take a painting and do a quote, and I'm gonna put a calendar together. So I started working on that. And I was like, I feel this about this. I don't feel good about this. Why not? And I kind of, you know, I was doing my new moon planning. And I was doing that reflection. And I gave myself time, like I said, my kids and my husband Mike, out in the house because I was doing my dreaming. And I realize I am creating this because I am trying to create a product in time for the holiday season for people to buy. And that feels like crap to me. And so I've thought about it a bit more. And then the moon calendar morphed, I decided to create the moon calendar. And I can tell you that I put a lot of time and money into creating it. But anytime I thought about it, my body would get tingles all over and I was like, There's something about this. I felt like I was lighting my money on fire creating it

Kate Shepherd 39:41
That's how I feel about this podcast.

Beth Suter 39:44
I don't care. I mean, I mean, I did, but I just was so compelling. Yeah. And I pitched it to them because, I mean, you don't hear a lot about Moon calendars and like standard stores right now. Maybe someday. And I said it's you Whew, I will, if you buy 10 of these, and if you don't sell them by the end of the year, I'll buy them from you. And so they did. And then they ordered like six more times. And now I have a second one. And that for me, you know, and then teaching it to others.

Kate Shepherd 40:17
And did you when you were producing that piece of work, because I'm taking this and I'm going, there are certain interviews that I've done, or days that I've done interviews where just things have felt off, and I'm fat, I would be fascinated. And then yesterday, I had a, like, an interview that that video that I posted afterwards, like, I just was like, I could barely contain the glow of the serendipity and the synchronicity. And then now I feel that same quality is in the room with us right now. And so there are certain days, and I'd be so fascinated to the scientist in me wants to sort of overlay those and go, like, I wonder which of those and should I be planning my life? So for somebody who's saying, Okay, I want to experiment with that. What, you know, you offer a course? So is that kind of the stuff that you do within that course, you sort of?

Beth Suter 41:01
Yes, so I came up with actually like a five step planning process. And to make it because, you know, it's fine to talk about all the energies, but we still have to like, go to the grocery store, we have to make our podcasts. So my goal was to take the magical energy and really make it practical, and like incorporate the intuitiveness mindset. So for you actually, I would say if I were following the moon cycle, with my podcast, I would do my interviews, like shortly after the new moon, during this time period, and then after the phone at the full moon, I would just look back at the people I interviewed and give gratitude for them. Right and the things that you learned, and not just your interviews, but what you've experienced those two weeks. And then the next two weeks, I would do my editing. So I would be doing batching. And because you're also not, you just don't have that same. And I say you just as general you write, but I don't think you have that same, you don't have that same energy, but you can edit something, I mean, enjoy it as much. But um, I think that's, that's what I would do. Because I have, again, this is evidence for me, I take notes, like I got the Epiphany, the day after the new moon this cycle, to expand my course for 2022. And I'm still like, in the waters of that. Um, but I took note of when it happens, right, and then I've taken note of how I'm feeling the week before the New Moon is usually I feel really, it's not a good time for me to make choices. Because I tend to feel like less self worth for whatever reason, I just kind of feel defeated sometimes. And what's so amazing is I'm like, Okay, you're not in a good headspace. But how about you just, you know, have a bowl of cereal and go to bed for like five days. So that's what I would say for you. And for your listeners, I would say the same to like, you go through these emotional ups and downs and just pay attention to your, like, if you're kind of having multiple days of you have this energy, whatever, good bad Google, what is the moon phase?

Kate Shepherd 43:14
I'm absolutely going to do that. I really excited to do that. Because I I do sort of, it's almost like in the foggy periphery of my awareness of my life know that there's this like cycle of, and I've never really put any sort of conscious awareness of it. And why haven't I thought of how to harness like, Well, is there a pattern? And is there a limit? Could it possibly be that it's connected to this glaring big thing that I love to look at? And the sky?

Beth Suter 43:42
Yeah. So, you know, we, we all have access to that, right? And to some people, it just, you know, it might not connect to them in this lifetime. What I've decided is, that's okay. And it's so for me, this whole process has really been self acceptance, like, and I think what at the end of the day, that's what it all comes down to. And I think a huge thing for me. When I grew up, I saw the word and felt like God has something outside of myself. And I saw that, for me my journey, I saw it as I will never be as worthy. And I always need to improve and judgment. And I went through a time where I believed I'm like, maybe I'm atheist, I don't know. And I've come full circle and the big change for me is that like, God is not outside of me. God is inside of me. You know, like, and it brings me to tears and I think usually things that bring me to tears as I'm happy or really, really sad or it's true. So So creativity, thought I feel like that all goes together and it makes me think of that, like we are all the ocean and we're all a drop of the ocean. And I just I don't need that Excel spreadsheet. He, for me to fill, like, I know that you know, not for this.

Kate Shepherd 45:05
Yeah, and when it when it comes to what you're saying about how maybe it's not the moon for everybody, I think even if you just sort of look at it as maybe, like, not even I don't wanna say framework, but what it's pointing to is a cycle, that we all go through cycles, and that there is a creative phase. And there is a resting phase even. And I remember, I used to be a real sort of spiritual seeker I really in my 20s, I don't know why I fixated on it, but I really wanted to be enlightened, I had no idea what it was. And I just wanted more than it's, I've meditated, like crazy. And I went to these retreats, and I wanted it so badly. And I guess I just realized, like, it's all already right there. And I think that's what you're saying is that we all have this in us already, right there. And I used to get really frustrated with myself, because I'd have these experiences where I felt like I connected to this new intelligence, and I was like, oh, it's happening. I'm, I'm realizing I'm having these state experiences of, you know, whatever. And then I get really mad at myself, when I would realize, like, six months would go by, and I'd be like, Oh, I'd been partying a little bit more with my friends are drinking, like, I fell asleep, I kind of went to sleep. And I really beat myself up for that falling asleep part. And in the fullness of time, and in retrospect, I can look back and go, oh, like, at the end of every day, what do you do, you get into your, you go to your room, you get into your bed, you take off your clothes, and you go to sleep. And that is not productive time. That is not the time when you're generating anything. But it is just as important as a phase in your life. You literally can't live without sleep. So I think what the what you're saying is it may not be the moon for you, that grabs you. But that what it's pointing to is that there are these cycles, and that, that we can submit to them a little bit. And you're like you're saying the permission slip? I love that it's like you have the permission to because we don't let ourselves rest. We haven't.

Beth Suter 47:01
Yeah, and and you're exactly right. It is actually it is the moon for me that has brought me to that cycle. And what I love and I tell my students is that January 1 feeling where you want to set your intentions and stuff, you're doing that every moon cycle, and it's just enough time to reflect and take action, and then try again. You know, I

Kate Shepherd 47:26
love that because I've always felt so like, oh, January, so stressful the weight of the years on that part of that, you know, and if I and then by the you know, February comes, you've already dropped. I love that it can be shorter, that there's these many I love that.

Beth Suter 47:39
And one thing too, that I hope your listeners will know I that I'm recently discovering is the dreaming, like genuine dreaming is the work. And when we are pushing because people it's not they're not getting to where they are, they're not not making where they want to go for lack of effort. You know, people Yeah,

Kate Shepherd 48:03
effort doesn't seem to be the effort doesn't seek to really do the thing that we think it does.

Beth Suter 48:09
And so I have found that in the dreaming. It's like, we're really thinking about what is on my heart. And why did I come because I can guarantee Kate like if you and I took 10 minutes, and we wrote out our biggest dreams, you might have some on there that I'm like, There's no way we want to do that like, and so I do think when our big dreams come to us, they're on our heart because they're called to us. And so it's just creativity is begging us to play with it. And now that I look back, I can say those times that I was so sad, and went through all those things, it was because I was so far away from I don't want to say far away from creativity. But it was like my ears. I didn't want to listen. Right? It was like it's always there. Creativity is always there. But it's like, are we consciously there, you know. And I also am like I described myself as a recovering perfectionist. I think perfectionism and creativity cannot be in existence at the same time. Because perfectionism for me in my life is I don't want to fail and I don't want to look stupid, and I don't want to look like I don't know what I'm talking about. And so I'm going to have every detail figured out beforehand. And creativity says, let's play. Let's have fun. Let's see what happens in the moment. And, you know, I created my first moon cycle course to teach. It's one thing to do it myself, it's another thing to say come along with me. And let me do this thing. And I thought you know what, I'm gonna do it very intuitively. So my course in October, I told my students I might not do this again. And I might and I kept showing up and I had the resistance of absolutely imposter syndrome. How's this gonna go? And then once we got together and once I got started Did it was like, Yeah, you know. And so I think if we can continue to do those things that we love frequently together, we have less time to talk ourselves out of it.

Kate Shepherd 50:13
So how do we that is a that is a real polarity for people is the sort of the perfectionism, which I think is really instilled in us just culturally for a million different reasons. And then play and the messiness and the uncertainty and the all the invitations creativity is giving us. So if you're, you know, I know you were saying before you started your business in 2016, you, you were somebody, my impression was that you were almost paralyzed with perfectionism as kind of like a, how did you? How do you how do you begin to talk to the person who's listening going? Oh, yes, I, that sounds familiar. Yeah. How can I start to? How can I start to teach myself how to play? You know, baby steps? How can I start to? Because it's, yeah, it's great that we know that there's an invitation to play in that creativity. But like, practically speaking, how do you, it's almost like it feels like going back to your window, I think it was a window or glass analogy with a smudge on the glass, letting the light in, you have to create a little crack. First, you can't just you can't just go along and wipe the window clean. So how do you begin to play and begin to let go of that part of ourselves or satiate that part of ourselves so that it can feel like okay, well, because it's trying to help us that perfectionism is trying to help us.

Beth Suter 51:34
So but how do we let it be over there so that we can be over here playing? Yeah, I think

I think one is, is the things that we consume. Like I said, the books I say this, like on every podcast, but go get big magic, start there. Start start reading things that make you feel good. And then on the daily, you can do small things, like we talked about, it's just, you can you have three minutes to play a song. If you have three minutes to scroll through Facebook, you have three minutes come to play some one thing for me go, how much are you getting outside? Or how much? Are you moving your body? You know, and then start journaling. Like, in the morning, I have two kids. Okay, so when I get up, I have two kids trying to get them to school. And I'm still working on my morning routine. But I can tell you that I journal I journal before this interview and just ask yourself questions. And imagine ask yourself, well, what if and why not? And you've got to give yourself like you say permission to play and whatever that looks like for you. If that means, you know writing poetry, or if it means painting or, you know, I don't know, whatever your hobby is, whatever those things you want to do when you're when you're working when you wish you were rather doing the other thing? How can you incorporate that more into your life? Because you have choices? And even if you can't do them all the time? How could you do it at least a little bit of the time. So walking, for me, it's a priority. And I don't do it every day, but most days, and I think read the book, The Joy diet, okay. And she talks Martha Beck is in my mind, a genius. And she talks about when we're doing all the things we don't want to do first, it depletes us of the energy to do the things we want to do. And so then we end up not doing them. But when you can reverse engineer that. And you can do the things that fuel you like doing the dishes isn't so bad. And so I think it's like that muscle we talk about like just just take one thing. So let's say that you have a muse a song, like every day for a week, let yourself take some time, when you're kind of feeling not good. Or you just start your day and listen to that song. And other things I've done is like I love Deepak Chopra. He has a 21 days of abundance, guided meditation. And so I love to start with something like that. You know, just pick pick one thing because when you pick 10 things that you do none other things.

Kate Shepherd 54:13
What's one thing around the moon that you would suggest would be a great baby step for somebody who's like, Okay, I want to eventually get to a place where I don't even take a meeting or plan a vacation unless I've consulted with the moon will be like, that's the end goal. I love that. And I kind of see myself there one day, I'd love to get there. But I can't do that all today. I just can't. You can't go from there. So what would be like one thing that you could start to do one new habit that involves the moon that we could

Beth Suter 54:40
give people. So I would say find when at the time of this earring, Google when is the next new moon because you can find that and then set time aside for that day. Just even like 15 minutes and write out a list of projects that you have been wanting. to do, and pick just one of them, and pick the one that you're like, just stop and say which one sounds like the most fun and easy. And then you're gonna work on that for the whole moon cycle. And then what you can do is Google when, like, for the next month, when is the new moon, because then you'll know when it ends, and just start taking, like, just start noticing, you know, just what do you notice. And when you want to squirrel away and move to another thing, just say, just come back to that. And I see where you are from the New Moon until the next. And your own intuitive self will discover quite a bit in in one month.

Kate Shepherd 55:45
So just sort of noting maybe not even trying to trying to do certain things on the certain phases. But just even note at the very starting point, noticing thinking about your project at the start of the new moon. And then just taking notes throughout the month. This is I felt here this is and then maybe going back and overlaying that and saying, Oh, well look that lines up with is that kind of what you're saying? Okay.

Beth Suter 56:05
Yeah. And that's why I think when I talk about evidence or journaling, I think it's hard to we forget a lot of things because we're doing so much. Yeah. That's what's nice to write things down. So then you can look back and say, Oh, that's what was happening. And for a while I was writing my energy level down in my journal, like high energy, low energy. Lots of aha was. So right now, for example, as I'm building this course, I'm still trying to figure out some logistics. Like, am I going to do it on Kajabi. And once it's been so fun, and then I've ran into some bumps, where I get stuck in the tech and stuff. And I say, you know, what, up, back up, um, this is not feeling fun anymore. This isn't feeling good anymore, the answer is going to come. And so I'm going to back off that for a little while. That's Stickney a really, really long time to get here a long time, and I'm still practicing. So I recommend with anything, a diet or whatever you want to try something new, you know, don't go full, full bore, I guess just just dip your toe and see where that leads you. And

Kate Shepherd 57:21
I love I love that. And I don't know if you have any of the episodes you've heard, but at the beginning of every episode, before we even connect, I pull a card from my deck, that sort of is like a blessing for this conversation. And it's, you know, how those decks can be. It's uncanny how it's always the perfect word. And the word for our show today was relaxation. And I feel like that's such a beautiful thing to be considering as we're starting a new habit is to just touch it lightly with yes to have this be your intention. And yes, like invite this new wisdom and intelligence and way of being into your life but relax about it. You have to get it right. I

Beth Suter 58:00
love to do. I love relaxation. I wonderful words,

Kate Shepherd 58:06
I love that came up for this conversation. I want to have you back on the show. I feel like I feel like everybody needs to be a regular. I've just been so blessed. I feel like you're all my own personal guardian angels who have come here to like, share this amazing. But then all these conversations are just so beautiful. And so I'll save some of my questions for the next time that we talk hoping that we can talk again.

Beth Suter 58:27
I would love it. Yeah.

Kate Shepherd 58:29
I do have one more. That's the question that I end every podcast with. And it's if you had a billboard that every single person in the world who wanted to connect with this part of themselves again, or remember it or but just maybe had some hesitation around like, I don't believe that it's possible for me or available to me? Or what would you? What would you put on the Billboard? Yeah,

Beth Suter 58:50
I would have three things I'd want them to do one, I would want them to immediately write down, I am creative, even if they don't feel it to be true. And I would want them to write that down and talk about it and say it until it feels true to them. I want them to write that permission slip so to speak. And then I want them to close your eyes and imagine their favorite book, their favorite piece of poetry or song. And imagine that that person that created it didn't allow themselves the permission to create that because they were held back by their fear and what a disservice that would be for them. And then last kind of touching back on what we've said this whole time. It's not a matter if you are creative, you you you are creativity creativity is you it's a matter if you're being willing to play with it.

Kate Shepherd 59:48
That's wonderful. Thank you so much.

Beth Suter 59:51
Thank you very, thank you. I feel very privileged to be here. Thank you.

Kate Shepherd 59:55
Thank you very much. This call Conversation underlined for me just how badly things can go when we cut ourselves off from creativity. Picturing Beth little girl at our kitchen table, feet dangling, making art to her heart's content. And then later a preteen, painting a huge mural of a frog on her bedroom wall. Then, as a young woman, whose father recognized his daughter's love for art, built her an easel. Creativity was so much a part of who she was, and yet to please some unseen force to become successful. She shut that whole part of herself down, to go out into the world make it only to fall into a deep anxiety filled depression. Was it a coincidence that when she cut herself off from the thing that she loved the most, is anxiety and depression set in? I don't know. But things sure seem to get better for her when she reconnected with that part of herself. It just seems so clear to me that it is this cutting off that's at the root of so many of our problems. I love how Beth is reminding us that creativity is never lost. It's always right there, begging us to play with it. And just recognizing that we are not being present and still in our everyday lives is an important first step to rekindling a relationship with it. When we allow ourselves this stillness and quiet, we become able to receive and interpret meaningful and helpful messages from the world around us, which itself is a form of creativity. Like many other guests on the show, Beth reminds us that learning to follow our intuition and listen to creativity is a muscle we have to build. And I love that her gift around working with the moon cycles can offer us a beautiful, accessible natural rhythm to begin to work with. After our conversation. Beth offered to coach me with moon cycle work. And we've been working together over the last couple of months. And I have to tell you, there is a shift happening. If you take one thing from this conversation today, I hope it's the realization that it's this cutting ourselves off from the things that we love the most deeply in our hearts, that's behind everything that is going wrong for us that the most important thing we can do to find happiness and peace is to turn inward toward our own dangly legged little girl or little boy and remember what they love the most. And then begin to do those things. Again, I'd like to go back to the word I pulled for today's show relaxation, what might be available to you if you allowed yourself to relax into the thing you have always love the most. For more information on all of Beth's beautiful offerings, including her moon cycle calendar. Working with her as a moon cycle coach, or even joining her moon cycle masterclass. You can find all the links you need on my website, which is Kate Shepherd genius. And one more little reminder, remember to subscribe rate, and review the show on Apple podcasts and take a moment to share it with someone you love. Thank you for listening. If you'd like to support the show, please consider joining my Patreon at Genius podcast. Your support helps make it possible for me to continue bringing you these inspiring conversations with artists every other week. As a Patreon member, you'll have access to things like bonus content, live asked me anything sessions, and even original art sent right to your door. We have an incredible lineup of guests coming up, you won't want to miss a single one. So before you forget, hit the subscribe button and your podcast app. And I would love it if you'd head over to iTunes to leave the show or review. I love your feedback. It helps me learn how to continue to evolve and improve the show for you. And did you know you can watch full video of most of our episodes. Head over to Kate Shepherd genius for all the details. Thank you again for listening. May you find and unleash your creative genius

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