Rest & Surrender: Receiving messages from your depth

So, I've been a bit under the weather lately, and let me tell you, it has pretty much sucked. You know those times when life decides to throw you a curveball just when you're cruising along? Yeah, that's been my vibe for the past while - longer than I am comfortable with. It has made me think a lot about surrender and the possibilities that can come with it.

Remember my chat with James McCrae last week? He talked about how surrender was his ticket out of a job that just wasn't vibing with him and how in surrendering he found his way back to the truest version of himself. It always strikes me how much what my guests say is often the very deep medicine I need myself. I'm finding myself sitting with surrender right now, where I am doing it, and where I am fighting it. 

Even when I'm feeling like a hot mess, there's this voice in my head telling me to keep pushing forward. It berates and bullies me, it is not a nice voice. I think it is scared that if I stop, my whole life and everything that I have worked for that keeps me safe will come to a grinding halt. 

But lately, I've been much more open to the idea that the pushing and grinding is just too much and that maybe surrendering to life circumstances and the universe and trusting that things will work out in the end might actually be a better way to go. 

This is not easy. Far from it, actually. There's this constant battle between wanting to do all the things and knowing when to just chill out and let things be. I'm learning to embrace the chaos and find peace in the madness.

I shared some more of these musings in this weeks Patreon Bonus episode and I also created a little art activity for you to explore what radical rest feels like.

Picture this: grabbing some watercolor paper (I swear by the $6 pad from Michael's, you won't regret it), printing out a line drawing, and letting your paintbrush dance its way through the colours revealing deep wisdom from your own depth. It's like therapy for the soul, I promise.

You might hear a naggy little voice inside that says something like "Come on, why bother with all this artsy stuff when you've got a million other things on you plate?" And that's exactly the point. Sometimes, it is because we have stopped makiing time for this soft quiet voice inside that we have found ourselves overwhelmed and in chaos. These gentle activities remind us to breathe, connect with ourselves and re-calibrate to something far more trustworthy and wise than fear and stress. 

I create these resources to help you focus on finding some peace in the midst of chaos. Whether it's through art, music, or simply taking a moment to breathe, remember that you deserve to give yourself some love and care. 

I am sending you love and encouragement.

I hope to see you inside the Patreon Membership

love, love, love

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