Patreon Bonus Episode #39 - Embracing Freedom and Play: A Watercolor Adventure

Patreon Bonus Episode # 39 is now LIVE! And it is a delightful addition to our creative journey together

After returning from a rejuvenating beach vacation, where my children experienced the joy of unstructured play, I have been reflecting on the transformative power of freedom and its connection to creativity.
In our rule-oriented culture, we often approach creative practices with a sense of control and conformity. But we can give ourselves the gift of freedom within our creative pursuits. Just as children thrive when given the space to explore and be themselves, we, too, can access a deeper part of ourselves through uninhibited expression.
To further explore the theme of play, I have concocted a watercolour exercise centered around a vibrant poppy painting for you! Complete with printable.
You are cordially invited to print the provided outline of the poppy painting on watercolor paper or use it as a guide. 
This activity and the world of other bonus content will instantly become unlocked when you join the Creative Genius Patreon Community
Join us to embark on a unique watercolour adventure, unlocking your creative potential and infusing your life with the magic of unbounded play.

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