New Year's Rituals for Creative Discovery

New Year's rituals to uncover your life's purpose

The beginning of a New Year is a wonderful time, rich with potential to clear away what no longer serves and create space for something new to come in. 

It is a potent time for tuning into the universe, to make quiet space and time for hearing your calling. Your life’s purpose. 

Maybe you have heard your calling, maybe it was recently or maybe it was a long time ago and even though it won’t leave you alone, you have been stuck inside a bunch of fear/doubt/limiting beliefs around it and have not yet been able to step into it. 

Or maybe you haven’t heard it yet. If that is the case, it’s not because it hasn’t been happening. In fact, the creative intelligence that lives inside you has been calling you since you were little, it is calling you right now, even as you read this. 

If you think you can’t hear it, or have not been able to step into it, it is likely because you are generating your own noise inside you that is stopping you. Yes you are generating this noise all by yourself (well to be fair you had some help from traumatic life experiences and social conditioning) You are not bad or broken or wrong for doing this. It is a perfectly normal reaction to stress and danger. 

But when you realize you are doing this, it is time to stop. 

There is an incredible part that lives in all of us that is hardwired for survival. This part is by nature, scared of new things - that is its only job. This part of us loves us very much and has done some incredible things for us over the years, some of which have saved our very lives. 

But, also by nature, this part of us does not have the full picture of life, of what is possible. And sometimes because of traumas and life experiences we have been through, this part of us takes over and runs our entire lives. Because its job is to stay small and stay safe, the idea of us growing and living a wild, unpredictable, adventure of a life is terrifying and it will do everything possible to stop you from going anywhere near that kind of life. 

For many of us this part ends up running the whole show by default. 

If you cannot yet hear your calling, it is very likely that at some point you allowed this part of you to assume the driver's seat of your life. And one of the first things it did was to generate a bunch of noise that would stop you from fully hearing creative intelligence which is the voice of your calling.   It is possible to take the driver's seat back and to turn down this noise. In fact, if you are still reading this, I’d say it is safe to assume you are ready. 


This fearful part of you that has been driving your life, is governed by limiting beliefs and fears that are based on untruths. This part of you needs your love and compassion and attention. 

It is likely that you will not be able to hear your calling until you have slowed down and tended to this fearful part of yourself. You’ll do this through bravely creating stillness, self-compassion, setting tough boundaries, clearing debris of dysfunctional relationships, making difficult choices, radically showing up for yourself. My dear friend, it is a time of burning what no longer serves. This year could be the year you walk through fire. 

Whatever the case is for you, 2022 is your year. It is time to set down or even burn what no longer serves you and is holding you back. 

Creativity is excitedly waiting for you to finally set down the false beliefs you have accumulated over the years, the ones that have kept you stuck so you can leap into the adventure of your life together. 

The world needs your unique gifts and keeping it tucked away underneath all that fear is just not going to work anymore. 

I have made TWO worksheets for you. These are gifts from me to you. One is for helping you hear your life's purpose. And the other is for helping you bring it to life. You can sign up for them (along with all my freebies) here

Explore the questions on these worksheets honestly with yourself, in the privacy of your own journal. You will come up with your BIG 11. These are things you can focus on this year to bring you closer to hearing your calling, or if you have already heard it, uncovering your BIG 11 will help you bring your calling to life.

Happy Creative exploring. 



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