Listening to the intelligence within

When I am in the flow... there is a rhythm to the act of painting... it’s like I get swept along a lovely current bobbing this way and that- a journey with no predetermined destination. Then usually unexpectedly, it stops. This usually happens 4 or more sessions for each piece.

Not this piece, it was done in 3, and it told me so, I knew it by how I felt.

But.... my mind thought it was unfinished. Luckily I noticed that my thoughts and feelings weren’t lining up!

I know to trust my feelings WAY more than thoughts... so I chose to stop painting it for a bit.

With every day that has passed since, I love it more.

My Art has been teaching me so much about how to navigate life. When you know something in your gut, listen. Most of the other sources of information in he world end up proving untrustworthy. 

Happy listening and creating! 

ps- I made you a list of my very favourite and most inspiring art supplies 

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