It's here! Season 2 of The Creative Genius Podcast - take a FREE ART class to celebrate!

Our guest Esté MacLeod is giving us all a FREE ART class to celebrate the launch of Season 2 of The Creative Genius Podcast!  read more to find out....

Well, friends, this glorious summer is over. The rain started this morning here where I live in Vancouver. And just feels really fitting that SEASON TWO of the Creative Genius Podcast starts tomorrow.

I'm so excited to embark on this new leg of the journey with you, we learned so much together over the last season, didn't we?

It was an the honour for me to talk to some of the most incredible, inspiring, open hearts, generous souls & thoughtful minds - to be able to connect with these beautiful people and then in turn share those intimate conversations with you.

The feedback that I got from you through reviews, and emails and direct messages over the year, really edified my vision and helped me know that I'm on the right track with this work.  When I first started this podcast, I knew it was my calling. But I didn't have a roadmap. And I still don't. But I still feel the same way about this work as I did when I first had the idea to start this show over a year ago that this is important work. 

Humanity is glitching. And helping as many people as I can find our way home to this radiant intelligence and creative wisdom that lives inside of each one of us feels like the most important thing I can dedicate my life to.

So it's an honour to facilitate these conversations and be vulnerable myself with you and put so much of my own life's energy into creating this program for you. Thank you for being a part of this magic and important work. 

And I have lots more in store for you this year. I'm working on some writing. I'm working on a course or two. And I really want to stay connected with you (join the Creative Genius Family if you have not already)

Our first guest in season two is Esté MacLeod. She's a really amazing artist who does these whimsical, ethereal, dreamy characters, flowers, birds and colours. And I just love her work so much. It was a joy to have an opportunity to talk to her. 

Funny story, this episode almost didn't happen! When we first recorded the episode and I went back to listen to it, we thought that the audio was lost, it was kind of mangled (there was a time delay -  she's in the United Kingdom, and I'm of course in Canada) And I thought actually, for about a month, that I wasn't going to be able to use her interview.

And then I learned a little bit more about the editing software and found out that actually, I could salvage it! And so luckily, I was able to create this episode for us. And I'm so glad I was because it is a gorgeous episode. And she has so many so many things to say that I think will reach you the way that they reached me. And that's to say that I feel like she reached into my heart and kind of reminded me of what's important and why we're doing all of this and what this energy is that moves inside of us. 

Esté was so generous to offer us one of her classes for FREE! I hope you take her up on it. You'll get to hear Estes lovely voice and work with her through colors and composition and sketching. And there's even a little bonus drawing in the course, and I think you're really gonna love it.

I feel proud and happy to be able to offer that and all of this to you. I'm so glad you're here. We have so many amazing things coming up for you in season two. Please tell your friends about this show. Please stay in touch. Let me know what you think. And if you haven't yet, go over to facebook and join the Creative Genius Family


Following on from the One, Two, Three, Let's Draw Cats workshop first shown on Sketchbook Revival, Esté has developed a mini-course painting cat portraits in watercolour...

One, Two, Three, Let's Paint Cats.

Join Esté and explore different processes and techniques to create nine unique cat portraits plus a bonus cat painting

What you'll get:

  • Esté's trademark Creative Leap method using handwriting as anchor points to draw nine cat portraits. 
  • Video demonstrations and instructions to paint nine unique cat portraits incorporating different painting techniques  
  • A bonus cat painting project 

Access to the content is offered for one year from date of signup.

get your free class here 

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  • Kathy S

    I have listened to most of your podcasts in season one and have found them to be engaging. Your interview with Este MacLeod resonated with me because I have recently found her on Instagram and have enjoyed her approach to creativity. Can’t wait to try her lesson on drawing nine cats with numbers 1-9! Thank you Este for your generous gift of cats to Creative Genius listeners.

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