I'm giving away 100 paintings!

Local Artist to paint ‘A painting a day for 100 days’ and then give them to the community. 

“100 Paintings for #HealingOurHearts is an art project that invites the community on a 200 day journey of art, creativity, community, generosity and healing as we prepare for a post-pandemic life. 

As the pandemic fades, pain for some endures. Established North Vancouver Artist, Kate Shepherd plans to use art to let people know they are not alone. 

Through friends and her local buy nothing Group, Kate has collected the canvases she will use to create a painting a day for 100 days - centred around the theme of “Healing our Hearts from the Global Pandemic”  - and then she plans to give them all away. 

“If you are feeling alone or uncertain, I want you to know this: You are loved, you will get through this, you can heal, and I want you to have one of these paintings to remind you of this,” she says. 

Members of the community will be able to request a piece by applying directly through Kate’s website www.kateshepherdcreative.com

The project will culminate with a gallery showing of the collection where she will LIVE paint the last piece in the series and offer a talk on her own healing journey with art. 

“The pandemic has hit us all in different ways. I think it's fair to say that many of us have experienced struggles and endured pain in one way or another as a result of living through it. For some, it has exacerbated existing mental health issues, for others it has put tremendous strain on relationships between friends & family and even in the workplace.  We’ve had to innovate in real-time ways to navigate the unimaginable - we have lived through a trauma.  

“For all of us and regardless of whatever we’ve faced, Art can play a powerful role to play to support us to effectively, and healthily, integrate our life experiences especially those of the past 18 months.” 

Kate started painting the first of 100 pieces on June 8th, 2021 and will be documenting her journey through videos, photographs and blog posts of the process, including sneak peaks of pieces as they emerge from her studio.  

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To contribute art supplies including used canvases, acrylic paints, gesso & varnish. Please contact Kate via her website 



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