How you can help an amazing thing to happen...

Hello Loves, 

The Creative Genius Podcast is 2 weeks old today! It has already generated, what I am told is, unprecedented listenership for a new, independent podcast!!

This confirms what my heart has been telling me: this conversation about how to access the innate creativity (that we were ALL born with) is so needed right now. 

I have been absolutely floored by the sheer number of emails, DMs and vms you've sent in from all over the world thanking me, sharing deeply personal insights & stories, and encouraging me to 'keep going'. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

Many of you have asked how to support me to 'keep going' with this work. I have been a fiercely independent person most of my life, being open to support hasn't come easily. But.... this is different, this is not about me. This is for all of us. And truth be told, I could use a little help. 

So I have created a list my favourite ways that you can support me that I hope will also bring you joy...

1. Buy a piece my work - with the holidays coming up, perhaps there is someone on your list that would love a piece of original art or jewelry - (maybe it is you!) My prices start at $45 and every single thing is handmade and original (no reproductions). I am including some of my personal favourites for you to enjoy below..

2. Become a Patreon - I create a beautiful series of thoughtful extras for monthly supporters. Think: early episodes, bonus content (extra episodes, creative challenges & guided meditations) Starting at $5 per month. 

3. Subscribe, Rate & Review the show - these three while they only take moments to do and don't cost anything, are powerful ways you can support this fledgling podcast to soar so it can reach the ears and hearts of many

4. Listen & share the link to the show with your people. This podcast was made to be heard and shared. 

It is truly an honour to create this for you. I am so glad you are here for the journey. 



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