HOMEWORK - Awakening the Artist Within

Awakening the Artist Within.  An important part of the process of coming into contact with this wordless, wise creative part of ourselves involves loosening the grip that our conditioning and experiences have had on us. 

We all have developed protective beliefs which over time, become parts of ourselves that can seem very real - like they are the real us. These parts have kept us safe, helped us navigate difficulties, chaos and even trauma in our lives. But they are not our true essence, they are survival mechanisms based in fear and ultimately are holding us back. 

We can begin to unwind ourselves from being led by these fear parts by looking gently at the conditioning itself. I have created a handful of journal exercises for you that will help you start to put some distance between you and these beliefs  - to observe them better, and to begin to notice and identify more with your boundless, infinite creative self which is how you will set yourself free creatively. 


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