Guided Meditation: Finding Stillness in the Midst of Chaos

I have been wanting to create a guided meditation for you for a long time. and today was the day it finally happened!

This 30 minute guided meditation is about finding stillness in the midst of chaos.

We want to find peace. But when we look around our lives, they're filled with the realities of the day to day; taking kids to school and picking up groceries and going to the office. There can be so many things that keep us from, (or that seem to keep us from) finding the stillness that we're looking for.
If we can truly stop for a moment, even in the midst of the chaos, we can find that the stillness that we're seeking is always right there. And it's so close that we miss it. Because it's right there!
The busy-ness. The never ending to-do list. The anxiousness. The thousand racing thoughts....this self-inflicted chaos, IS WHAT IS preventing you from being able to access your most creative, loving, contented self.
Cultivating a harmonious and peaceful, compassionate and loving inner world is easier than you think.
It's available to you all the time. And it's the direct path to the thing that you want the most.
This guided meditation is a powerful tool for coming into inner harmony in an authentic way and begin to express a wiser intelligence inwards and outwards as we move through the world.

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