Genius Moments # 15 - Permission to Fall Apart



kate shepherd's rescue dog maggie

The other day, I took Maggie, my sweet rescue pup, for our usual stroll in the nearby forest. The trails were their usual brand of magical, the fog lending an ethereal touch to the day.

As I meandered through my cherished trails, surrounded by trees with moss dripping from their dewy branches, and the gentle symphony of the nearby river, I had a moment of profound appreciation. This place has become my sanctuary, where I can simply exist and revel in the splendor of nature.

Lately, I've found myself grappling with a whirlwind of emotions. The daily routines, the holiday rush, and the weight of global events have left me feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Yesterday's walk was particularly poignant. The rain mirrored my emotions, pouring down as I wrestled with feelings of frustration and a sense of being lost amidst the holiday chaos and maybe even life itself. 

As the the rain kept falling, the trees kept treeing. The dog kept running. And I without having to really think about it, kept putting one foot in front of the other. I realized, it's okay to have days when everything feels a bit out of sync. So right there, in the midst of all these ordinary miracles; mushrooms growing underfoot, the ancient, stoic trees effortlessly sustaining all our lives, and the relentless rushing of water (how does the river always seem to know exactly where it is going? And with such purpose?) I allowed myself to have a good cry amidst it all. I let it all out. And not surprisingly, it did. It served as a gentle reminder that none of us have it all together, no matter how it might seem on the surface.

The other night, I had this dream about meeting Ellen DeGeneres. When I sat with it I was able to decode a pretty beautiful message from this dream. I talk about it inside this episode. Have a listen when you have 15 mins. (And if you know Ellen, please send her a note that I would love to talk to her on Creative Genius!) 

There's an incredible two-part series—starting on December 22  - the first one is about closing out the year with meaningful rituals and intentions, with another one two weeks later with invaluable insights for making 2024 a stellar year. Make sure you are tuned in for those. 

And if you hadn't heard, I'm hosting a special event on January 1st called "Liminal Lights." It's all about bidding adieu to 2023's baggage and setting intentions for the new year. I have a strong feeling it's going to be an incredibly powerful experience. Sign up below. 

I want to remind you that it's perfectly fine not to have everything figured out. Life's journey is messy, but within that chaos lies a beautiful path of growth and discovery. We're all navigating this journey together, embracing the twists and turns as best we can.

Take good care of yourself, and let's catch up soon. Sending you loads of positive energy your way!


 Kate Shepherd host of The Creative Genius Podcast

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