Unlock Your Brilliance: Breaking Free From Limiting Beliefs (Genius Moments #13)

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This mini episode addresses the formidable force of limiting beliefs and their impact on personal growth and self-expression. Creative Genius Podcast Host Kate Shepherd candidly shares  her own lifelong struggle with some of these beliefs, how she's performed acrobatics to keep herself small and held back her own innate brilliance. And the ongoing yearning to embrace and express her true self. 

Kate shares how she gradually dismantled these limiting beliefs, taking courageous steps like applying for jobs she felt unworthy of and vulnerably sharing her art with the world. These actions led to transformative outcomes, from life-changing jobs to resonating deeply with audiences through her art.

The pivotal moment when Kate courageously identified as an artist revealed the power society’s perceptions had in deterring her from fully embracing her artistic identity, despite it being a part of her since childhood.

Reflecting on the societal conditioning around declaring one's true self, Kate contemplates the impact of the stories we tell ourselves and their connection to our identities and societal responses. She shares her ambition for the Creative Genius Podcast, aiming to empower others to embrace their creativity and spark a movement of self-expression.


The Power of Limiting Beliefs: Kate’s personal journey of navigating and chipping away at these beliefs that hindered her from embracing her true identity as an artist.

Challenging Societal Norms: The impact of societal expectations and conditioning on self-expression and the fear of being perceived as arrogant or unacceptable when embracing one's true self.

Empowering Creativity: Kate’s vision for the Creative Genius Podcast and her transformative workshops centered around activating intuition and creativity.

Invitation to Break Free: Encouraging listeners to challenge their own limiting beliefs, contemplate the stories they tell themselves, and embrace their truest selves as a way of serving both themselves and the world.

This episode serves as a compelling reminder of the power of authenticity and self-discovery. Kate’s journey highlights the transformative potential of breaking free from limiting beliefs, inviting listeners to embark on their own journeys toward embracing their true brilliance. 

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