February's Activating Intuition & Creativity ONLINE Workshop: Commitment

In this month's "Activating Intuition and Creativity" workshop, we delved deep into the transformative power of commitment. In this hour-long session, we shared some lovely introspective moments, guided by the gentle wisdom and genuine connection that characterizes our community.
We explored the two main kinds of commitments we tend to make; one that brings us closer to the life we yearn for and the other further away, we felt into how to discern between the two and how to begin to lean towards the kinds of commitment that serves our highest and best good.
One of the most powerful aspects of our workshop, even though it was a small group this time, was truly the sense of community and support that permeated every moment. As we shared our insights, struggles, and triumphs, there was a palpable sense of connection and belonging. I am SO grateful for the Creative Genius Patreon Community!
I invite you to join our Patreon community, where you can access the full recording of this transformative session, along with a wealth of other exclusive content designed to support you on your path of growth and self-discovery. Whether you're seeking to deepen your intuition, unlock your creativity, or simply connect with like-minded souls, our Patreon community offers a sanctuary where you can explore, learn, and grow at your own pace.
Join us on Patreon today and embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and transformation. Together, we'll unlock the power of commitment and create a life filled with meaning, purpose, and joy.

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