Do you feel blocked? Stuck? Spinning your wheels? Disconnected from Creativity?

Do you feel blocked? Stuck? Spinning your wheels? Disconnected from Creativity? 

This came to me in my journal writing practice this morning and no sooner had the pen lifted from the page, I was hit with the knowing that I was to share this with you. 

The block you are experiencing is not physical. And it does not require years of work or a complicated process of some sort to resolve. 

Is it possible you have been overthinking it all? (hint, you probably have) 

All that you really need to do is begin to connect with the world around you, really connect with it. Become quiet. At least for a few minutes each day. Great if these few minutes can be around the same time every day so your system can come to count on this time. Soon you will come to look forward to this quiet time like a kid anticipates going to the candy store (or art supply store if you were like me as a kid) 

Begin to look for coincidence (they are all around you, and they are speaking to YOU) Look for these moments of strange magic, inexplicable gifts large and small. Collect them. Write them down. 

Touch the earth with your bare skin (but only every day) get into the ocean, lay on the frozen grass in your front yard, stand for five minutes with your ear up to a tree and see if you can feel what it feels. 

Listen carefully, really strain to hear what the thing that holds the silence of the early dawn sounds like, and find out how that silence is holding you.  

Do the thing that you love as often as you can (at least once a day) 

And RUN, dear one. Run as fast as you can toward the thing that scares you the most. 


so much love, 



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