Bob, The Russian Foster Dog

My two kids Cosmo, 11 & Elvie, 8 love dogs so much, anytime we encounter someone walking their dog, they are sure to stop them and say, "I like your dog" they draw dogs in their journals and make lists of all the dogs they want. They've asked me for a dog every single day for the past year. Sometimes Cosmo cries himself to sleep with his yearning for a dog of his own.
On December 27th, 2022 Bob was found crying, paralyzed & motionless in a gutter on the streets of Dagestan, Russia.
Volunteers brought him to their vet where he was hooked up to an IV to assess his injuries. One of the vets realized that the cause of Bob's paralysis was the result of a severe infection from a TICK bite and he was treated immediately. Even though Bob had lost a lot of muscle tone, (it is unclear how long he was unable to walk) Bob responded quickly to the antibiotics and the love he was being given by his local foster and was soon running through the snow being goofy.
In February, Bob suddenly developed two large abscesses on his head (these were the result of some thorns that had gotten into his skin and become infected). Again under the care of a network of beautiful angels in Russia Bob was rehabilitated and the search began for a Foster home for him in Canada.
One day back in June, someone in my neighbourhood Facebook group posted a picture of a beautiful yellow Lab with soulful, loving eyes named Bob. And something deep in my soul sprang to life.
Immediately I knew I had to step forward to foster this beautiful creature. After lots of voice memos and texting back and forth overseas, it was arranged for Bob to come and stay with me and my kids here in Vancouver.
Bob left his home and travelled to St. Petersburg by car before making his way to Istanbul with his flight volunteer. There he stayed for a few days with a volunteer on the ground before finally making the 13 hour flight to Vancouver.
This guy has just been through so much. We have given him space and been gentle with him and given him SO much love. My small family has fallen in love with him and he has deeply bonded with us. The sighs he makes as he sleeps softly at my feet are some of the most deeply moving sounds I have ever heard.
There is concern that there may be additional complications from his first infection down the road. So, we may need to do some fundraising for Bob at some point because he arrived to me with some medical issues I didn't have the full story on before he arrived; he is still at risk of kidney failure, neurological disorders, or bleeding. Plus he had two new engorged ticks attached to him when he got off the plane. The vet we took him to also suggested he may need some extensive dental work.  
We love Bob. Bob is meant to be with our family. However as a single mum & small business owner, I am daunted by the possibility of these potential expenses.
For now I am proceeding with love and trust. 

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