VIRTUAL EVENT - Activating Intuition & Creativity
VIRTUAL EVENT - Activating Intuition & Creativity
VIRTUAL EVENT - Activating Intuition & Creativity
VIRTUAL EVENT - Activating Intuition & Creativity
VIRTUAL EVENT - Activating Intuition & Creativity

VIRTUAL EVENT - Activating Intuition & Creativity

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NEXT EVENT March 25th - 1PM Pacific time   

Activate your Creativity & Intuition

Creativity, Colour, Connection & Community

This mini workshop is a deep and playful, heartfelt and colourful creative exploration. Take a moment out of your day for yourself. 

Whether you believe you “don’t have a creative bone in your body” or are a seasoned artist, this workshop is for you if you have been wanting to connect more deeply to your truest self and activate your inner compass. 

Creativity is the direct pathway to the most trustworthy, boundless source of raw, wild and abundant ocean of intuition and inspiration that exists inside each and every one of us (yes, including you!) And yet, so few of us feel safe to (or make time) for creative play and exploration. I’ll show you how to tap into these parts of yourself, reboot your own inner GPS system and experience more serendipity, purpose, alignment and ease

We’ll do opening & closing share circles, a guided meditation, and a beautiful contemplative watercolour play activity that I have developed over years of teaching art to help you activate and deepen your connection with the intuition that has been in you all along.  

-Bring a watercolour or mixed media art journal, watercolours, paintbrush, water, rag, your favourite pen, and a cup of tea

-You'll be sent link to the google meeting along with how to prepare and what to bring via email prior to the event

-Replay will be available for 5 days after the workshop, after that it will be added to the Creative Genius Colourful Community Patreon library (membership has its priveleges) 



You might consider becoming a Patreon - access to this monthly workshop (along with the replay and so many other wonderful resources) is included in the Patreon ColourFull Community Membership - SIGN UP HERE 


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Join! Your soul will thank you!

What an incredible experience! Kate has such a beautiful way of calming and nurturing your soul!

For an hour I felt so free. No pain, sadness or stress, just pure joy and freedom as my paintbrush danced across my paper.

The world needs Kate more than ever right now and she is responding in the most gentle and selfless way. She has a gift of helping you tap into your creative self without any product pressure or rules. Just permission to let go and tap into your intuitive self and play!

I highly recommend this workshop to anyone regardless of your artistic background. Give yourself an hour to play, your soul will thank you!

Elmer Perry
Worth the Time

The mediative approach used during our time together is a beautiful way to work through things, and I'm starting to learn to listen to my genus (intuition). I will definitely continue the work with the knowledge it will bleed over into my daily life the way the watercolors bleed together on the page.
Kate's soft voice was a nice guide to pick up on something or to listen and know what my genus was saying. The freedom of no restrictions, only suggestions, made the time a great end to my week.

Catherine Buitenweg
So much insight gained!

I am so glad I attended this workshop today. It was exactly what I needed. I understand the importance of connecting with my intuitive, true self but still lack the tools to develop and foster it. For the longest time I have looked for support and a deeper understanding, an environment where I can explore and learn. Kate provides this in abundance. Her gentle spirit and genuine desire to help others connect deeply with themselves created a safe and fun experience. She encouraged me to listen for my body responses, to be present in the experience and honour the process.

For me, today was about accessing my desire to explore and encouraging myself to release inhibitions and old beliefs. It was amazing to me to experience my own resistance to and then acceptance of Kates guidance. I was able to slow down and consider the colors in a different way, be curious about the tools in front of me and to experience the process.

I know that allowing space for discovery without rules is key to learning intuitive expression and I struggle with it. Today I was able to sit within the process and just observe my reactions without judgment. It was wonderful.

These workshops will be key to continuing my learning in this area of my art practice. I will definitely be back for each one. Life gets busy and this is a small break for myself to pause and do a deep checkin.

Kate thank you for this gift and for creating this space for us to come and pause and learn. Your word today was ‘support’. That spoke to me. There is no greater support than that which comes from being in a safe community of individuals, working to deepen our relationship with ourselves. Thank you for believing in us! I look forward to next month’s workshop! 🤗❤️ I feel lighter and more at ease.

Pics below (my color and tool exploration and what I did right after the workshop ended)

Jess Zoerb

For the longest time I’ve been trying to better understand and bring a language to the importance of connecting with my intuitive spirit - it seems to be the common thread among my offerings. Then I found the Creative Genius Podcast, and now this workshop. We can talk all day about the theory of it, but to bring it to practice in such a comprehensible way has such value. Kate does this so well in this workshop, with a lovely balance between showing you her process and then encouraging you to resonate into your own. Connecting more intuitively with the creative spirit through our bodies is something I feel called to bring to my mentorship students and am beginning to create lessons built on this intention. Kate’s workshop is helping me to bring a language to what it is I strive to offer and is giving me practical tools, not only for my own creative practice but to hand to others, and ripple effect ensues.

Sharon Cardie
A Break I Really Needed!

What a wonderful experience! Spending an hour with Kate was the break I really needed. Her calm voice and encouraging words and advice provided a needed respite after a few busy weeks away from being creative. I feel recharged and have set aside each day for doing art. Thank you Kate! I look forward to doing this again at the end of Oct.