My Hot list of Art Supplies


starter watercolour kit affordable great quality

I am a firm believer in getting great tools and supplies the first time - my unofficial motto is "start as you mean to continue"

Here are some of my favourite things that I don't want to live without....

Watercolour paper for every day use- I recommend starting off with something inexpensive (but still lovely) so that you are free to not be too precious with it. I am always delighted by the quality of this pad of watercolour paper from Michael's 

Watercolour paper for special projects

Watercolour paints

-Daniel Smith are my current absolute favourite watercolour paints. The pigments are so full and rich, the colours so vibrant and alive. I highly recommend treating yourself to their DOTS pages so you can experience each of the colours for yourself before committing to particular colours to build your dream palette. 

-I love everything from Beam Paints - I have the full set on one of their reclaimed wood palettes but the Beam Paints Spectrum 11 Palette would also be a great place to start) To get started, you'll just need the basics in terms of colours. you can mix almost anything from the primary colours and a mid tone and a dark

-Alternatively this is a great starter watercolour palette too. 

-I love these brushes by Princeton you could probably get by with a couple rounds in size 3 and 4 for just about all your watercolour painting needs.

-But I also couldn't live without my fan brush. One day I will treat myself to this one, but for now... I use this 

-I also recommend a Princeton Flat Shader in size 4 for this project - it will make your clean lines on the vase so much easier to achieve.  

Pens for embellishments
-Micron pens are the best, in my opinion. I like to have a variety of sizes. I like a super teeny one for signing small work and itsy bitsy details. I'd say start with a 0.1 and a 0.5.

-For making clean, white, bold white highlights and lines on watercolour work there is no other option than a Uni-ball Signo brand white pen



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