Transform Your Business with Corporate Creativity & Intuition Consulting and Executive Creativity Coaching: Unlocking Efficiency, Productivity, Employee Retention, and a Spontaneously Healthy Culture

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Creativity & Intuition Consulting and Executive Creativity Coaching

Welcome to the realm of Creativity & Intuition coaching, where the intersection of innate creativity and profound insight converges. As a lifelong artist, who happens to have spent her fair share of time around boardroom tables, my deep connection to intuition and creativity has not only been a personal calling but has also proven to be a transformative force in navigating complexities and fostering innovation in the workplace.

Why Creativity and Intuition Matter in the Workplace

There is a reason you hired them. There is also a reason they are not bringing their whole selves to work. 

Humanity is Glitching™ (and maybe your business is a little bit, too?) It’s ok. You are not alone, on the whole, we have become sorely disconnected from creativity which has a devastating impact on how much of our true brilliance we are able to access and bring to the things we are working on.  

Collectively we carry SO MANY limiting beliefs about what creativity is, who has it in them, how it has to look, and how much is an “acceptable” amount of it to express, especially in the workplace. 

This is a problem for your business because creativity is actually the source of all the juciest, most generative problem solving, ideas, inspiration, clarity of communication, direction, decision making and innovation. 

I offer a series of powerful workshops and one on one coaching to invite creativity back into our awareness (and to our desks) beginning the lucrative journey toward fully activating and harnessing the goldmine of creativity just waiting under the surface, So your business can THRIVE. 

This work fosters more effective communication, fluid innovation, clearer problem solving, team harmony and stronger collaboration skills among your team. 

Reaching and exceeding targets and goals will suddenly seem easier than ever before and your staff will never want to leave. 

Build a team that makes room for everyone to show up with more of their brilliance and who love working together. 

This ½ day workshop series is designed for small and medium teams (up to 50) who are looking for more cohesion, harmony, efficiency, ease in problem solving flow of ideas and innovation and organic inspiration. 

We will begin to dislodge the limiting beliefs most people bring to work about how much of their creativity and intuition they are allowed to show up with. And make room for more of the brilliant human you hired to show up and shine. 

Even the most rational minds on your team will begin to unearth an intelligence in them they may not have known was there. 

When we begin to trust creativity and intuition to lead our problem solving the flow and successful outcomes of projects begins to exponentially soar.

Unlocking the Benefits Creativity & Intuition in the Workplace

Ready to experience profound changes in your workplace and career? The "Activating Creativity & Intuition Series" offers you the opportunity to:

  • Awaken Intuition of the people on your team: Bring out the best in your team supporting them to rely on intuition for decision-making with clarity, ease, and purpose.
  • Help your people Stay Aligned with your Businesses Purpose: Rediscover a sense of purpose and alignment in your professional journey.
  • Unleash the Power of the Creative Voice: Support your people to cultivate and express creativity without inhibition
  • More Frequent Inspiration: Experience a consistent flow of inspiration in meetings and on projects inside your business. 
  • Navigate Creative Blocks: Acquire strategies to overcome creative hurdles in your projects.
  • Cultivate a Joyful Creative Practice: Develop a sustainable and joyful creative routine in your professional environment.
  • Transform Limiting Beliefs: Release beliefs hindering the creative growth of the people who work inside your business. 
  • Build Confidence: Support your employees to gain the confidence to showcase their brightest ideas 

Guided by Expertise

Drawing from a lifetime of experience as a deeply creative individual with an innate connection to intuition, I am committed to guiding you through this transformative journey. As a lifelong artist and someone naturally attuned to my intuition, I've navigated creative blocks and embraced moments of inspiration. Now, I'm excited to share my insights and techniques with you, tailored specifically for the professional landscape.

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