Benefactor Collection


Only 5 of these Original Art pieces, one for each of the tier's in the Benefactor Collection, are available at any given time

Humanity is glitching.

And I have an enormous vision - to resolve it. My life's work is to support millions of people around the world, to find and reconnect with the creativity (the intelligence that animates our entire universe) that is already inside them so that they can heal (and enjoy) their lives and so that humanity can go back to being a good thing. 

I prayed for years to know my purpose in life, this is it. I have a very clear vision of how my work through Creative Genius is serving this re-awakening of humans. And I'm going to need major resources to bring this vision to life. 

Collectors who purchase the rare treasures in the Benefactor Collection are delivering me some of those resources, and playing a critical role in bringing this vision to life!

Buying this art, is quite literally helping to heal humanity. 

Yours in Creativity, 

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